Storm Damage Solutions In Ohio

By Joseph Shawn Young

High winds and torrential rains cause storm damage to both the structure and contents of your Ohio home. Flooding and exterior and interior destruction to the integrity of the building need powerful water removal and drying equipment, as well as a range of reconstruction tasks. An experienced restoration company has the technicians and the tools to extract the water, determine and achieve drying goals, and arrange for repair and replacement of building materials destroyed by the storm.

What set an ordinary recovery company apart from all the others is its ability to assess and restore the other casualties of the storm’s force. In order to restore your memories and sense of calm and comfort in your home, you must find a restoration firm that also has the ability to return to you the pictures, books, documents, heirlooms, and other treasured personal possessions displayed and stored, comprising the center of your and your family’s existence.

Storm damage in Ohio, as elsewhere, is unpredictable. It is unlikely you have a thorough inventory of the belongings in your house when the wind and rain attack. The storm damage restoration company you choose should have a well-established protocol to inventory and assess the personal property damaged prior to assessment. Typically the workers pack up and remove water damaged papers and other articles to a safe, dry place for review, always maintaining a record of which things are packed out and to what location.

Expect to work in close collaboration with expert technicians who explain the options for drying and restoring a broad range of items. You will be in control of the extent to which the restorers use highly technical methods, including freeze drying, wet and dry cleaning, and sanitization to transform your belongings from sodden to cleaned, drying, and useable. Your insurance company also weighs in on the process, advising what your policy requires for payment. The documentation a reputable and experienced restoration company provides critical documentation for establishing coverage, limiting your out of pocket expenses at this difficult time.

Ohio is home to you — and to occasional violent storms that rob you and your family of your refuge. Select a full-service disaster restoration company that has the trained and experienced employees, equipment, and industry-leading knowledge base to bring back both the structure and the heart of your home.


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