Cleaning Up A Water Damaged Basement

By Joseph Shawn Young

Time is crucial when you are dealing with a flooded basement due to something such as a leaking heater or ground water. This is because mold will begin to grow in a short amount of time, causing more damage to your home and creating health concerns for you and your family. Most people focus on their soaked carpeting, wanting to dry and save it. However, the real damage is any hidden moisture inside the walls, as this is where mold will grow without being seen. Therefore, you need professionals to clean up the water for you and check for mold growth.

mold growth

The first step technicians take when dealing with water damage in your basement is to pump the deep water out, followed by extracting water from any carpeting or flooring. Wet carpeting and padding may need to be replaced. Next, thorough drying of the wet structure and walls, plus the application of an antimicrobial agent are the key to stopping damage from mold.

Steps For Drying Out Your Basement 
● Pump out deep water
● Wet carpet removal
● Testing walls for moisture
● Set up drying equipment
● Apply antimicrobials
● Testing to ensure thorough dryness

The water damage restoration professionals will eradicate as much moisture as possible as quickly as they can from your soaked basement flooring. This step is critical to a successful dry out. They use advanced knowledge and equipment so that they can save more items in your home and lower your repair and replacement costs. With their experience in water damage restoration, they know several ways to save your home from expenses from mold damage.

Drying your basement immediately can prevent: 
● Contents and furniture needing to be tossed and replaced
● Moldy, musty odors
● Additional damage from mold
● Additional repair and fix up costs
● Remediation for mold damage
● Weeks of demolition and reconstruction

A flooded basement is never a welcome thing to wake up to, but rest assured a restoration company has the proper equipment and training to dry your basement out properly. They are always available to help you out in a time of disaster, so you do not need to hesitate.

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