Cleaning Services Available To Fight Fire Damage In Your Home

By Joseph Shawn Young

Your insurance policy normally distinguishes between structural and content damages, separating the two when estimating losses you experience in a fire. The restoration company you hire also cleans structural materials and the contents of your home separately. Having access to a company that understands the difference makes recovering from the fire damage in your home easier. Therefore, you should obtain access to a quality fire damage restoration company that provides you with the services you require to restore your home to a quality pre-damage condition in a quick, efficient manner while explaining their services in detail.

The structure of your home includes any section permanently attached including your walls, ceilings, floors, doors, and windows, including other items such as cabinets, permanent light fixtures, floor coverings, your ventilation system and bathroom fixtures. Restoration companies assign specific technicians to perform different cleaning services on various areas of your fire damaged home. You have a fire damage restoration technician, or restorer that faces the unique challenge of addressing a mixture of fire and smoke damages that exist, helping return your building the way it was before the fire occurred.

The restorer removes smoke residues from the interior and exterior surfaces of your building, while removing materials that are beyond restoration, and provides deodorization services to rid your home of malodors that exist. Restorers use hand-held pressure, or electric sprayers to dispense applications directly onto surfaces that require deodorization, ventilation box fans to perform various functions while deodorizing fire damages, utilizing duct cleaning system attachments along with air scrubbers to remove airborne particles or injection devices to deodorize limited areas.

This technician also works in close collaboration with the homeowner and their insurance company to estimate the odds of restoring specific areas of the home while helping identify and document pre-existing damages that existed before the fire occurred. Restoration technicians test each surface to determine the appropriate cleaning method that would effectively remove any residues from the surface or material while avoiding adding to the damage that exists. Structural materials are divided into two categories. There are washable materials that a technician can apply water-based cleaning products to without harming the area further and non-washable materials where applying a water-based cleaning product would result in additional damages. Each technician on site works tirelessly to perform the services you need to return your home to a quality pre-loss condition that you and your family can enjoy.